2019 TAG Cyber Security Annual

empow has been named a “Distinguished Vendor” in the 2019 TAG Cyber Security Annual Report for its next-generation SIEM technology. 
The 2019 TAG Cyber Security Annual is a comprehensive three-volume report designed to provide information on the controls, vendors and technology leaders that all security teams need to know. In this report, TAG Cyber calls SIEM “the cyber security hub of an enterprise,” ingesting data from applications, systems, and networks. However, for some organizations, SIEMs have become a hub of complexity, bogging down security teams with excessive costs and management overhead. 
This has led to the emergence of a new breed of next-generation SIEMs. In this year’s Annual, TAG Cyber explores the evolution of next-generation SIEMs and interviews empow Founder and CEO Avi Chesla as a cyber luminary, discussing the state of SIEMs and where they need to go. Download your free copy now!

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