empow's i-SIEM - Product Demo

Presenter: Iko Azoulay, empow Founder & CTO


If you're interested in seeing how AI and Natural Language Processing can enable even very small security team to focus on real security threats, without having to write mountains of security correlation rules - empow's i-SIEM may be for you.

In this demo empow Founder & CTO Iko Azoulay will demonstrate the product's features and dashboards, including the i-SIEM's integration with ElasticStack.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How AI and NLP can help to dramatically lower the number of security correlation rules needed to manage SIEM
  • How empow's i-SIEM compares with competing next generation SIEM vendors including Splunk, Logrhythm, QRadar and others.
  • How empow's i-SIEM is constantly and proactively hunting down advanced attack campaigns in your network
  • How empow's i-SIEM - the only commercial SIEM sold with a Platinum Elastic subscription - can provide a total solution for datasearch and next generation SIEM needs.




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