Webinar: Hunting Attackers by Actor/Performer Sequences, with Open-source Tools


  • Idan Bellayev, Head of Security Research at empow
  • Michail Bletsas, Director of Computing and Research Scientist at MIT Media Lab 


Threat hunting is a constantly growing field that can help you discover attackers’ avoidance actions in your network.  

But it doesn't have to mean using expensive tools!

A synergy of free tools can create a powerful hunting platform that will allow you to use data that you already have in a new way. Integrating the attacker's language will guide you through the data and help you make sense of the attacker's steps.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What open-source tools you can use for threat hunting, including Elastic, Snort and Winlogbeats
  • How to utilize simple data that you already own to detect threats
  • How the terminology of Victim & Performer can elevate your hunting process
  • How to reveal sequences of attacker steps within a given data set




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