i-SIEM empowered by Elastic

To be successful, security analysts must go beyond searching just known attack patterns and clues – they must be able to search for the malicious motivation of the attacker, or attacker “intent”. 
But the fact is that humans can’t search the cybersecurity data and write security correlation rules that represent attack patterns as fast as machines can generate new attacks. 
Elastic and empow have joined together in an OEM which provides empow’s unique “rules-free” intent-based SIEM technology, integrated within Elastic’s database and search capabilities, to deliver the most effective SIEM in the market. 

Download this datasheet to learn about:

  • How empow's i-SIEM integrates with Elastic's data lake, to provide unprecedented security coverage
  • The benefits of the empow and Elastic integration in comparison with today's SIEM solutions
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